Hostgator Black Friday promo (upto 80% off just for 1 day!!)


If you’ve been looking for a great web-hosting service that’s light on your wallet, then there’s never a better time to buy hosting than now. Hostgator is one of the companies I recommend for all kinds of websites and webmasters (beginners to professionals) and if you wait just a little bit till Black Friday (November 26th), Hostgator will give you a whopping discount for signing up. In the previous years, they offered up to 75% off (you read it right) on their hosting plans, irrespective of how many years you want to sign up for), but this year there is a talk that the discount they are offering is going to be unprecedented. Some sources say that the discount is going to be more than the earlier 75%. So, whatever it is going to be, just wait a little bit till Friday, November 26th 2010 and get your web hosting on that day. Not a day before or not a day after.


UPDATE: The details are in! It’s going to be up to 80% discount on November 26, 2010. Here’s the details of the offer:


Black Friday 2010 Special Offer:


80% OFF EVERYTHING From 5AM – 9AM CST WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (first come, first receive; so definitely don’t miss out!)

From 9AM – 11:59PM CST OR after 80% OFF accounts have sold out, Hostgator will continue to offer 50% OFF EVERYTHING

This applies to ALL Accounts and ALL Term Lengths. So you and your friends will have the opportunity to receive up to 80% off of up to 3 years worth of Hosting! That would come out to $35.64 for 3 FULL YEARS!

Remember, there are no special coupons or anything else needed to get the discount. Just visit Hostgator on November 26th, 2010 (preferably between 5AM to 9AM CST for an 80% discount) and sign up for your web hosting account and you get the discount on your check out page!


Don't miss this opportunity to have a great hosting at such a discount! Click here to check out Hostgator shared hosting! Happy web hosting to all you new webmasters!