Hostgator Discount Coupons

Coupon codes are promotional tools that help you get discounts. Hostgator has some coupon codes that can be used to get great deals. See the list of coupon codes below.


Hostgator (Updated August 2012)

Special offer 40% OFF till August 31st, 2012  Click here to avail this offer!


Hostgator has 2 types of coupon codes. These can be applied once you select the web hosting plan that you want (Baby or Hatchling for example). Click here to open Hostgator site and follow the instructions below to get the discount.

If you are signing up to pay month-by-month, enter 'SAVE10COUPON' as your coupon code . This coupon waives your first month fee ($9.94 if you choose Baby or $8.94 if you choose Hatchling), so you effectively get your first month for 1 cent. The coupon code 'SPRING' saves you 20% off your initial payment which is just $1.98 in this case (20% of $9.94) so don't use that coupon if you pay on a month by month basis.

- If you are signing up for an year or more, enter 'SPRING' in the coupon code. This will save you 20% off your initial payment, which is $23.88 off for the one year plan!

Fill in your details in the remaining pages and you'll see the discount being applied before you confirm your payment.