How to Buy a Web Hosting Plan

Signing up for a web hosting plan is a straight forward process. Here you will see how you can sign up for a "Hostgator Baby" plan. The process will be pretty similar if you want to sign up with a different web host.


Step 1: Visit the web hosting provider's website.

In our example, it is Hostgator. (Click on this link: to visit the web host page in a separate window).

Step 2: Locate the plan that you want to sign up for.

Click on 'View Web Hosting Plans'. In our example, it is the Baby plan. Click on the drop box and select '1 Year $9.95/mo'. Alternatively you could have clicked 'Compare All Hosting Plans' to see how the plans compare with each other.

Step 3: Choose a domain. Enter the domain that you have already registered on the right hand side. In the "Enter a Coupon Code" box down below, you should do one of the following:

- If you are signing up to pay monthly then remove the coupon code that is there in the text box (mostly it is 'SPRING') and enter 'SAVE10COUPON' instead. This coupon waives your first month fee ($9.94 if you choose Baby or $8.94 if you choose Hatchling), so you effectively get your first month for 1 cent. The coupon code 'SPRING' which is most commonly there in the coupon code box just saves you 20% off your initial payment which is just $1.98 in this case (20% of $9.94)

- If you are signing up for an year or more, leave the 'SPRING' code as such in the coupon code box. If the box it empty, enter 'SPRING' in there. This will save you 20% off your initial payment, which is $23.88.

Step 4: Choose a username and security pin according to the instructions just below the username and security pin boxes.

Step 5: Enter your contact details and credit card information. If you don't have a credit card or are a minor, get someone who is authorized to use a credit card (like your parents) to do this step for you.

Step 6: Confirm you hosting package and coupon credit. Read the terms and conditions. If you agree to them, click on the check box. Click on 'Create Account'


Your web hosting plan is ready! You are done!

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